Paul Kensinger


Board Chair for the First Unitarian Society Kings Art Galleries

Member of the California Art Club

Retired California State Painting & Decorating Contractor

Founder and Owner of Color Quest Painting

Color and Design consultant

Co Founder of the Sunset Mural Workshop

Creating images drawn from the inner self has always been my inspiration for starting a new painting.

This way I live and learn in the moment as I watch the story unfold in the shapes and tones vibrating with each movement of the brush.

Emptiness become lines become shapes become thoughts become visions become colors become story become questions become answers become emptiness ……

On and on

Om mani padme hum

The quiet universe spins webs of light arcs each carrying a reflection of tonal events I breath in……

and then exhale dancing within the neurons surrounding me in positive energy, love, and compassion

I reach out beyond my physical self to spread apart the heavy atoms of the universe giving lightness to the air, healing the string continuum of time interrupted, and making room for spatial dimensions to exist between the lines. 

I breath in…..

I dive in…..

I disappear in the waves of connected universal consciousness in communion with images, time, shadows, color, sound, tone, atmosphere, and the rotation of the planet, all experienced before awakening to take in the next breath.